Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A few of the patterns that are available at Shield Maiden Costumes

Here are a smattering of the patterns that I have available for custom costumes. If you would like to order one, please email me, as I have not yet set up my Etsy page.  I will let you know when it is setup.  Thank you for looking!

This is a great collection of Steampunk coordinates.  I love the faux leather underbust corset, which I can also make out of leather.  Comes up to size 22.

This is a great fitting pattern for any of your Prairie cosplay needs.  There is also a great Colonial dress version on this pattern as well.  Up to size 22.

It also comes in Girl's sizes 7-14!

...and in Pretty Plus sizes 26-32!  Woohoo!

A Beautiful Civil War era dress.  All the fringe and trim can be changed if you like. This is a two piece ensemble.  And does not include the hoop skirt or corset.  Those are available separately.  Available up to size 22.

Here is a chemise set for men or women.  I love the gathered sleeve option.  These are VERY roomy.  I wear a size 20 and I was swimming in the XL.

This Kirtle pattern, view C, is probably one of the best fitting, historically accurate kirtle patterns there is.  LOVE IT, it's super comfortable and perfect for a Renaissance Faire.  Available up to size 28.

Capes!!!  These are beautiful patterns.  I included the back of the pattern so you can see the difference between them as it is hard to see on the front.  They can be made of velvet, wool or wool blends.

Wonderful Civil War era 1860's day dress.  Up to size 24.

A great smattering of corsets and stays.  

Wonderful 18th Century dresses for all of your Pirates of the Caribbean (Elizabeth Swann) or Marie Antoinette needs!

I just ADORE all three of these variations.  They are not, however historically accurate, but WHO CARES?  They are perfect for any Elven cosplay or LOTR costumes.  AND they come up to a size 26.  

A Beautiful Gibson girl style day dress. It just makes me want to have tea.  Available up to size 24.  Hat not included, although I wish it was.

Silly hat, BEAUTIFUL dress.  I love this kirtle pattern.  It is historically accurate and fits like a dream.   Kirtles are so versatile and were worn for centuries as an underdress.   Both the kirtle and sideless surcote would be beautiful in Linen or wool/wool blend.  Belt not included...neither is the silly hat.  :)  Available up to size 24.

  Pouches, Gauntlets and waist belts...Oh My!  These will be available in faux leather/vinyl for now until I get an industrial machine, then they will be available in real leather.

I do love the sideless surcote on the right, as well as the head piece.  the overdress on the left is not historically accurate, but would make a great Ren faire or cosplay dress.  Available up to size 22.

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