Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Welcome to Shield Maiden Costumes!

Hello all!  Welcome to my new blog and business venture, Shield Maiden Costumes.  My name is Jenny and I make costumes from the middle ages to the turn of the century.  I am just officially starting my business and don't have a whole lot of pictures yet, but they are soon to come.

I want to make costumes, for women of all shapes and sizes.  I am a pretty-plus size lady myself and find it incredibly hard to find costumes in larger sizes that aren't three times the price of a smaller one.  So, I would like to provide this service for you all.  I have many patterns that go up to size 24 or even 32.  Like I said, I don't have many pictures right now, so I will post the pattern pictures here for any orders.  

Speaking of orders, if you find a pattern you like, but don't like certain aspects of it (like sleeve length, waist line height, etc.) that can most likely be changed. We can also work together choosing the material for the outfit.  I do not have the million dollars that would enable me to keep all this material on hand, so we can choose it from any number of websites, or stores like Hancock, Jo-Ann's, Mary Jo's, and countless others.

Once pick out your costume, I will request that you send me your measurements so I can effectively fit the garment to you.  After that, we can choose the fabric, then it's off to the sewing table for me.  I plan to be able to finish garments within 2 weeks of receiving the fabric.  I will link to my Etsy site for the payment, and I will request at least half the payment up front so I can buy all the necessary materials and notions.

This blog will serve as a kind of window into my sewing studio for all of the costumes being made.  I love to see other blogger's progress on their garments, so I hope to provide that for you all.

So, if you yourself, or anyone you know, are a LARPer, reinactor, Renaissance fair enthusiast, Con-goer, cosplayer, or just a costume junkie like me, please contact me and let's make you something pretty!



  1. Congratulations on your new venture! Great blog.

    Figure out where you are going to put that industrial machine and I will long-term-loan you mine. You NEED to work with real leather! (quite serious offer, btw. I can't bring myself to sell it but I sure would love to get it out of my studio. It's a beast).

  2. Really?! I would love that! When can I come get it? How is tomorrow for you?