Sunday, November 24, 2013

It's here!

Here is my new (to me) Singer 307g2 industrial machine! 

She weighs about 100 pounds. Seriously. 

Here are the foot pedal and a nifty knee lever that lifts up the presser foot so you don't have to reach around and lift it up with your hand. Pretty cool, huh?

Here is the side view with the wheel and gigantic belt that attaches to the motor down below.  The smaller wheel on the left is the bobbin winder.

There are THREE, count 'em three, tension gauges, I have yet to figure all of them out.

...and the mighty switch, that when you turn it on, it sounds like a whole factory staring up.

I want to send a super special thanks to Cheryl for donating this to my workshop.  Go see her beautiful quilts and even more beautiful refurbished sewing machines at 


  1. Glad you like it! It's in the right place now.

    Finally got caught up on blog reading and subscribed so I won't miss any of the fun.

  2. I've just got one of these machines and I'm looking for any manuals I can get on it. Did dragonpoodle send you the manual for it? if so, can I get a copy please?
    ps, I'm in Australia.